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As the UKs dealer for Landreus, Duffin Fabrications can offer sales, servicing and spare parts on all Landreus equipment

We also offer all services and repairs on Weed Boats. 

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Weed Baskets

Landreus weed baskets have been developed to perform optimally in all circumstances. Landreus provides a quality mowing result with a basket you can rely on. 

All Baskets are built to order and to your requirements 

We have a full range of spare parts in stock so we can get you back 

up and running with minimal down time.  

Landreus Weed Cutting Baskets come in a variety of sizes from 1mtr Mini Baskets to 5.5mtr Heavy Baskets.

They can be supplied with or without extension racks.


Our weed cutting baskets are supplied in a number of sizes to meet your requirements. The size you will need is particularly dependent on a number of factors: The surroundings, lake, river etc and also by the specifications of the machine being used to operate them.


They employ the oscillating / sliding knife method for perfect cutting, which is hydraulically operated and maintenance is simple.


We offer full advice to enable you to purchase the exact model to meet your needs.


We hold a full range of spares and replacements for these baskets and offer a servicing and repair service


Weed Boats

Duffin Fabrications can offer on site repair service, covering all aspects of weed boat repairs and servicing, providing you with as little down time as possible.

We offer onsite welding, bearing replacements and mechanical repairs 

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For Sale

New and used Landreus baskets

We currently have 3 Landreus weed baskets in stock and for sale. 

1x 3m heavy duty basket 

1x 3m lightweight basket

1x 2m heavy duty basket 

Please get in contact for more information. 

Aquatic Services : Welcome
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